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Ghost Mannequin, Flat Lay, Pack Shot


Custom Menswear Retailer


Pakkend Amsterdam



Pakkend Amsterdam offers a range made-to-measure menswear items including suits, shirts, denim, and shoes. As a high-end tailor specialising in wedding wear, it's essential that their product images reflect the craftsmanship and true colour of every item. 

We provided them with ghost mannequin, flat lay, and pack shots that increase the quality and consistency across their ecommerce sales channels and make it easy to update new items season after season. 


  1. Captured whole 3 piece suits with ghost mannequin photography to showcase both the colour and the fit with consistent precision.

  2. Zoomed in with high-def close ups of the craftsmanship on the jackets and trousers using flat lay and ghost mannequin techniques.

  3. Drew attention to the details with creatively arranged pack shots to feature high-quality shoes and shirts.


  • Standardised the styling of each product and created an internal guide to make it easy to repeat. 

  • Created custom lighting and mannequin setup to ensure consistency across Pakkend's webshop, season after season. 

  • Optimised post-production editing processes to ensure speed and reliability while staying true to the shape and form of each style.


"I couldn't be happier with Uppix. Jennifer and Akos are very easy to work with - clear communication, quick delivery and a lot of value. Highly recommended!"

Rob de Otter, Pakkend Amsterdam

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