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Campaign, Pack Shots, Video, 360° photos


Animal Mobility





Kvisp approached us for assistance with their brand launch, seeking to introduce bike seats tailored for dogs. They required a range of visual content, including product images, lifestyle shots for the launch of the brand and new website, images featuring dogs as well as human models, instructional videos, and 360-degree rotations of the seats.


  1. Scouted the perfect location to allow us to shoot both photo and video at the same time, saving time and ensuring that visual elements aligned across all formats.

  2. Provided creative direction in selecting colours and visual elements to create a bold and cohesive visual identity.

  3. Bundled photography services into one comprehensive package, covering all aspects of building a visual brand identity while offering a price advantage.

  4. Executed video and photo shoots simultaneously, enabling us to capture a diverse range of visual assets in a short  timeframe.


  • Delivered a range of striking pack shots that showcase the product design while also highlighting functionality.

  • Captured polished campaign photos featuring both human and dog models that beautifully represent the brand’s product and lifestyle.

  • Enhanced Kvisp’s marketing efforts by demonstrating the product’s value to customers with fun and appealing visuals.

  • Contributed to a successful brand launch with a bold new visual identity that captured attention and engagement from the target audience.


Kvisp is an innovative product company, specialising in bike seats specifically tailored for dogs. They approached Studio Uppix to help them launch their brand to the world with a range of eye-catching visuals for their ecommerce website, social channels, and marketing materials.

We delivered a range of visual content, showcasing their product in highly detailed pack shots, campaign shots (featuring both dog and human models), instructional videos, and 360° product photos.

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